Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Day 3 - 4 Hour Body - Final Thoughts

Day 3 was a piece of cake. 

Now mind you, I was out and running around - so I stayed busy, but the cravings for junk food are disappearing if not almost non-existent.  Which for me, that is huge.  I'm a junk food eater, and because I have kids in the house, it takes up a lot of real estate in our pantry. 

Also?  I've eaten a lot of eggs already in just three days, and a lot of spinach.  I might have to buy more quantity at the grocery store this week!

And while I really thought I'd struggle with drinking my coffee black - no sweetener?  I'm enjoying my coffee with just a slight bit of fat free half and half.  I think I might have kicked the sweetener habit for good!

Anyways, here are my food totals from yesterday:

Oh and even better?  I'm down three pounds.....

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