Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Slimmer - Stronger - Injury Free

Your workout routine is going great, the weight is peeling off, and then all of a sudden…ouch! A twisted ankle, sore back or pulled muscle sidelines you. The last thing you need when you're working so hard to reach your goal is to have an injury get in the way of your workouts. Staying injury-free is as simple as following a few easy guidelines, says physical therapist Jack Younghans, D.P.T., who offered these tips: Take time to warm up. Don't jump right into your workout at full speed. Slowly ease into it with a five- to 10-minute warm-up session. Don't skip stretching. Spend about five to 10 minutes stretching after you've warmed up. And don't forget to stretch after your routine, too. Perfect your form. Knowing how to use the equipment or how to do moves can keep you healthy. If you're not sure, ask someone or hire a trainer to get started. Pace yourself. Spread out your activity throughout the entire week. Trying to squeeze your workouts into one or two days can definitely result in injury. Tune into your body. Pay attention to how you're feeling during a workout. Often times, our body gives us signs that it has had enough. Remember that overexertion can easily lead to injury. Source

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Kiara said...

Ya I am completely agree with you. It's very important to get some warm up before starting exercises. we should not give our body a sudden pressure. we first have to habituate our body with it and then start in full form. Their are many people who often ignore this and that is the reason they can't longer their exercise routine due to getting some sort of injury.. Thanks,


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