Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Trim your grocery bill & your figure

There are many cash-saving tricks you can use when you go food shopping, including clipping coupons or applying for rebates. But there are even easier ways to cut your grocery bill, such as these save-by-section tips from Beth Sumrell Ehrensberger, R.D. Use them as you shop—no clipping or form-filling-out required. PRODUCE Buy in season. In the late summer, opt for blackberries and blueberries. In the fall months, go for apples, and in the winter, choose citrus fruit. Not only will you get the best buy, but you'll also get the tastiest fruit. Go for frozen. Frozen produce is cheaper and it's often more nutritious than "fresh," which has been hanging out in the produce section too long. MEAT Keep your protein portion small. Many people think of meat as the star of the show, but you should really only have about two to four ounces per meal. Instead, fill up on grains and veggies. Stock up on sales. Take advantage of good deals by buying extra and freezing. (Use herbs and spices to add flavor to frozen meat and fish.) You can separate them into individual servings and wrap them well so you have healthy portions whenever you need. Go for meatless protein sources. Beans, eggs or egg whites (including liquid eggs), and tofu are all cheaper than meat. DAIRY/MILK Freeze your cheese. You can freeze some dairy, like cheese, so stock up when there are sales. Don't forget to go for reduced-fat versions! Don’t be a label snob. All milk brands must meet the same government standards, so they're the same in terms of nutrition; opt for the least expensive to save. Source

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