Thursday, August 06, 2009

Things I have been really bad about lately

Weight Watchers: Which really means? MY DIET. First it was a vacation to California, and then it was family in town which was followed by friends in town. Then I went to Chicago and now here we are. I started tracking my points again online on Monday since things have finally settled down, but I have yet to stick to my daily allotted number of points. Why does this diet business have to be so damn tough? Exercise: I’m an all or nothing type of girl when it comes to exercise. I most definitely HAVE to stick to a regular routine in order to stick to an exercise plan at all. If I skip one day, or miss a day because something comes up, I simply fall off the wagon and the plan is thrown out the window. And then I remind myself over and over and over again that I need to get back into the habit of working out. And then that turns into – well maybe tomorrow. I know that I do this. I hate this about myself. Why does exercise have to be so stinking hard? Losing Weight: Go figure that this is the third point on my list right? Combine a not so good diet with little to no regular exercise; it’s no shock that I haven’t reached my goal yet. I’m close, but not there which in turn makes me re-evaluate (day in and day out) what it is exactly that I’m doing. Or in this case, what it is exactly that I’m not doing. With that said, I have managed to maintain my weight just the same. It fluctuates up and down, and up and down on a regular basis, which is fine I guess. But not quite good enough. Yet again I’m re-committing myself to this healthy lifestyle with the hopes that I don’t fall off the wagon yet again. Why does living a healthy lifestyle have to be so difficult? So tell me – what challenges do you face?

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