Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Smart Goals: Setting them. Sticking with them.

I read something somewhere, can't remember where, about Smart Goals. At the time it must have struck a cord with me, because I jotted some stuff down about them, then set the paper aside on my desk.
I found it recently - and while it was (again) fresh in my mind, I acted on it and actually made some Smart Goals. Just for quick reference I've added, in my sidebar, what 'SMART' stands for, but here it is again anyways:
S - sspecific M - measurable A - attainable R - realistic
T - time frame
You can find out more about Smart Goals here.
Here are my Smart Goals:
1. I will drink a minimum of 2 full glasses of water a day 2. I will walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes at a time, at least 3 days a week 3. I will honestly and diligently track my points and weight on Weight Watchers 4. I will prepare a wholesome meal at least 3 nights a week, from a cookbook
5. I will take my vitamins, daily
Okay, so there we have it.
I will check back in with these Smart Goals next Monday, and each Monday thereafter to stay on top of my progress.

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