Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Dr. Oz: 7 Minute Work Out

I'm not going to lie, exercising on a regular basis has always been a struggle for me. I tend to think it's because I get bored really easily, or maybe it's because I can't settle into a time that works best. Or maybe I'm just making too many excuses, instead of just doing it.
That last one is probably the real reason, but for what it's worth, I try.
I've set my alarm to get up at 5AM or even 6AM, but then I don't. I've loaded applications into the iTouch to use, and then I forget about them.
I've programed the DVR to record various workouts so I can have them on hand, but then I never do them and just end up deleting them.
Am I the only one that does this?
And why?!
I want to be successful at working out. I want to work out daily, even if it's a hike with the dog, or a brisk walk around the park. But when I do those 'simple' things, it doesn't feel like a workout to me.
I'm not really sure why my brain is programmed to think that way. Why am I mentally so hard on myself for accomplishing the little things? Is it because I put too much pressure on myself? Is it because I don't see quick enough results? I really don't know but I guess that explains why I'm still on this journey to lose the same weight I've lost several times, over again. I should be maintaining a huge successful weight loss right now. But I'm not.
It's time to stop making excuses and create some good habits. Habits that are just a way of life. Habits that I can do instead of making excuses for why I can't.
I saw an article today that had a link to a 7 minute workout: Dr. Oz's 7 Minute Work Out
I'm going to start it tomorrow, first thing in the morning.
And I'm going to make it a daily habit.


Jackington said...

Try creating a workout schedule that you can ease into. Going from being a couch potato to working out daily is just going to set yourself up for failure. Maybe start out exercising 2-3 times a week and then as you become more disciplined you can increase the frequency and intensity of your routines.

I'm definitely no expert but I hope this helps and wish you the best! :)

Steve Finnell said...

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Kathy said...

I'm exactly the same way! I'm in YOUR shoes and know how you feel. Seriously. I lost 150 lbs. Kept the weight off 1 yr. as of Oct. 1, 2010. Then, I'm slowly gaining it back, again, like I've done for almost 35 years. Yo-yo dieting. Not good. Well, I've gained about 20 during the holidays. I've eaten anything I wanted, whenever I've wanted, and haven't given a flying flip at all. My size 8-10 jeans now don't fit me and my darling tops and sweaters are too tight. I'm depressed and just want to keep eating. BUT, I can't. I follow Dr. Oz and want to start drinking the yucky looking green drink that he talks about. Oh, how exciting it looks too! ha I hate to exercise. But, I know I need to do at least a little movement daily. ha Hang in there, and I will too.

mmgbosslady said...

I dont think you're alone in your exercise routine (or lack of). I used to run everyday and then lost my job. I haven't done anything for six months and I feel it. I'm lacking structure and I so need it everyday!! You have inspired me so hopefully I can inspire you as well. Hang in there and don't beat yourself up. Just take the first step!!!

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