Monday, February 01, 2010

Skinny Fat. Think about it!

I've heard the term used before in blogland and almost immediately after the publish button is pressed, the comments go wild. And let me just say that while some of the comments are positive? A lot are negative. I mean how dare someone who is visibly 'skinny' on the outside call themselves 'fat'. How dare they drone on and on and on about how they need to diet and work out and tone up to be healthy, I mean after all they are skinny! How dare they encourage eating disorders! Skinny Fat. I'm by far not skinny although in my younger years I really was. Poor old me didn't think so however, and now when I look back at that person? I want to slap her. As I got older, my metabolism slowed down, I birthed two children and seriously, before I knew what had happened? I was fat. I'm not claiming that I was fat because I had children, I'm saying I was fat because I gave up on myself. And it wasn't until one day when I saw a photo of that self and it really hit me that I was in horrible shape. By far the worst condition of my life. And the heaviest too. And it was then that I decided to really do something about it. And so I did. Fast forward to four years later and here I am. I'm not skinny, but I'm definitely not fat. I'm somewhere in between. And while people tell me all the time that I don't need to lose anymore weight, I'm fine just the way I am, I chose not to hear them. I want to be healthy. I want to exercise. I want to feel good about myself and be comfortable in my skin. And eventually I will get there. I saw this today on The Today Show and I wanted to share it. It's about people who are Skinny Fat and if anything, it's good to remember the next time you see someone complain about how fat they are yet on the outside they are thin. Enjoy!

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