Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Review: Weight Watchers Lemon Crème Cake

With a value of 1 POINTS® on the Weight Watchers scale, the Lemon Crème Cakes are one of my favorite 'go-to' snacks to have in my pantry. They are individually wrapped to avoid over-indulging and while the size of the cake itself is rather small (hello portion control!) the flavorful taste of the lemon sponge cake, the lemon filling and the nice lemon frosting on top is what it's all about. My taste buds didn't care how big the treat was; from start to finish the Weight Watchers Lemon Crème Cakes were just decadent . The taste is fantastic! They are a nice refreshing way to finish off a meal, and just as good for a quick pick me up when you are looking for something sweet and satisfying. My kids even like them! And did I mention one of these little lemon cakes are only worth 1 point? Just wanted to make sure. Stay on track with Weight Watchers snack cakes, and don't forget to try the other varieties that are available at your local grocer as well.

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