Friday, July 17, 2009

Holey Donuts!

A friend told me today about these donuts, Holey Donuts, that are 'great tasting, without the fat and calories'. Um, yeah.. RIGHT. But when I actually started reading the story behind Holey Donuts, and started looking at the nutritional comparisons, I started to change my tune. And then my mouth started to water. You buy them online ("their sinfully delicious, handmade, Ultra Low Fat Gourmet Donuts are made fresh, frosted, filled and flash frozen before being packed in our custom zero temp coolers) and they arrive at your doorstep via FedEX. And they must taste good because even Hungry Girl has talked about them! Sounds too good to be true. Head on over to their website to learn more.

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Anonymous said...

Hi There -

Yes, you are right! I've had my share of Holey Donuts - and they are the best donuts I've ever had! All the great taste you would expect from a donut - without all the fat and calories. Once you try them - you will be a fan, like me and my sister! They are trully AWESOME!!!! Favorites are the Cinnamon Buns, and the donut holes - TO DIE FOR!!!! :-)))))

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