Friday, May 08, 2009

Work in Progress

I really hate to admit this but the last several weeks in regards to weight loss and diet haven't been good for me. I literally took 3 steps forward (hello 161 pounds) and then immediately took five steps back words (166.8 pounds). I find this behavioral pattern of mine to be quite annoying. And I also find it hard to believe that when I let myself eat something that isn't a part of my daily menu - I gain 3+ pounds. I look at food and I gain weight. TOTALLY UNFAIR. Emotions (the good and the bad) generally throw me into this unstoppable feeling that I need to eat. And while I can't pinpoint exactly what set me off, I can say that I found myself stuffing whatever was within reach into my pie hole. That translates to: anything and everything in sight. I know this about myself. And I know better. But for some reason I gave my self control a kitchen pass and well, now I'm paying for it. This weight loss journey of mine has had a lot of ups and downs but as long as I keep telling myself that the road is a constant work in progress, I can do it. And even when I finally get to my goal weight (140lbs) it's still going to be hard work. I'll still have to be diligent and watch what I eat, watch portion sizes, and exercise regularly. It hasn't been easy and it never will be. I just got to keep my eye on the prize.

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Stephanie said...

You can do it SJ!!!

Your blog is why I started Weight Watchers and it's working for me - you can do it!!!

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