Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Color me Frustrated

Weekends are tough for me - it never fails; during the week I'm focused and on track and I do well sticking to the plan. Friday night rolls around though and all hell breaks loose. The diet train derails and rolls down a hill to which it crashes and burns until Monday comes along. At least I can get back on track but still. WHAT is my problem? I know what I need to do. I know what I want to accomplish. So why is it that my mind won't let me do it? Classic case of mind over matter. And right now my mind is winning. I get so disappointed. I get so frustrated. Anyone have any tips / suggestions that help you when you are at rock bottom? I do my best to stay positive, and motivated but it seems as if I've hit a pothole and I'm having a hard time getting out of it. I know I can do it! Be so kind and leave me a comment - I could use it!

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Stephanie said...

If your week days are structured (like with a work schedule or taking kids places) and the weekend isn't, maybe a lot of down time on the weekends ... that would be my guess as to why the diet train derails.

So if you think that could be your problem then think of ways to get out of the house more on the weekends (a family walk after breakfast, a trip to the library).

If that's probably not the problem and it is all mental then try to think of yourself as a "Weekend Warrior."

The weekend rolls around and you're in diet battle mode.

Whatever approach you take just try to take it one day at a time.

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