Friday, April 17, 2009

Top Ten Tips for Parents and Kids: Staying Healthy

Health can be thought of in a number of ways, both in mind and body. And according to Dr. Pete Richel, a pediatrician, a specialist in the division of medicine devoted to infants, children, and young adults, his top 10 tips for kids to be and stay healthy include: 1. EAT HEALTHY —well balanced nutrition will keep the body full of the proper nutrients for good health. A diet that is out of balance affects us physically…we must do our best to balance all of the food groups on the food pyramid. Eat what you need…not all that you want. 2. EXERCISE REGULARLY—Regular daily exercise will keep the body fit. Being active is important so that our calories in balance with our calories out. Math is life. We should not take in many more calories than we are going to expend. 3. DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS—when we drink lots of water, we stay well hydrated year round, and especially in warm climates or seasons or when participating in active athletics. 4. GET ENOUGH REST—When we receive ten hours of sleep each night, the brain functions more effectively to learn, and the body functions more effectively to play, and everyone is happier! 5. CLEAN, MOIST, AND PROTECTED—it is important for our skin to bathe daily, with softened water and soap or a soap free cleanser. Good hygiene will go a long way to protect your body from many kinds of infection. Be certain to apply moisturizing lotion to your skin daily, especially after bathing. Also, protect your skin from the sun’s rays with sunscreen when you are outside. 6. READ DAILY—did you know that reading will exercise the brain? Fill your self with knowledge by reading not just for school but also for pleasure each and every day. 7. BE STILL—take some time to be quiet each day. We all need to unwind, relax, and enjoy our surroundings in a calm manner. Our lives can be so full of activity…stop to smell the roses. 8. SOCIALIZE—it’s very important to spend some time with your friends. We can have fun, learn to get along, cooperate, share, and learn to appreciate all of our differences. We are all unique! 9. VISIT YOUR DOCTOR—don’t forget to visit your doctor for yearly examinations, and also when illness occurs. They are there for you and your family to help guide your ongoing health and development as you grow from childhood to adulthood. 10. LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS—the most important people to listen closely to every day are your parents. They are the ones who will protect you, care for you, and support you all of your lives. They really do know what is best for you, even when you think they don’t! Your family is where it all starts—and rules and routines are important. Parents want you to be healthy and happy! Information courtesy of Peter Richel, M.D.; Chief, Department of Pediatrics - Northern Westchester Hospital

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Keeping our body fit and healthy has a lot to do with what we eat. We need to eat healthy and for this, we need to eat healthy or in other words, we need to have a nutritious diet. For this, it is necessary that we consume foods that are rich in protein and carbohydrates that not only help us provide energy for our daily activities but also help strengthen our muscles and build our body.

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