Monday, March 09, 2009

Hungry Girl's Money-Saving Tips & Tricks!

1. Become a bargain warrior. Clip coupons for the grocery store, local eateries, everything. Keep your eyes and ears open for special offers. (Restaurants are hurting now, so many are pulling out all the stops.) AND if you see a great price on something you use a lot that won't go bad, stock up! 2. Hit up your local super-centers to save some serious dough. SuperTarget and Wal-Mart Supercenter locations have grocery departments with some great deals (especially in the clearance section!). And for less than 5 bucks a month, sign up for a yearly Costco membership -- then you can save tons by buying mega-packs of non-perishable foods. Sam's Club and BJ's Wholesale Club also offer super-savings with membership. 3. It's all about DIY portion control. 100-calorie packs, as much as we love them, are not always recession-friendly. Grab a giant bag of that snack you like so much and a package of cheap re-sealable baggies or plastic containers. Break out the measuring cup, and portion out your goodies before you have a chance to overdo it. 4. Frozen food is your chilly friend! Freezer-aisle fruits and veggies keep a LOT longer and are usually cheaper than fresh. Love seafood? Fish is great for you but a little pricey when it's fresh. So skip the fish counter and hit up the freezer aisle. 5. Go generic! Show the world you don't care about fancy labels. Most grocery stores stock generic versions of popular food items at a fraction of the name-brand price, even very specific stuff like steamable bags of frozen veggies and sprayable salad dressings. And the knock-off is usually placed right by the original. Fantastic! 6. Brown bag your lunch. (Or carry a cute lunch tote!) Fix a big salad in the morning, stash your favorite light dressing at work, and voilĂ , instant low-budget lunch. Got a microwave? Low-cal soup and low-fat popcorn are easy guilt-free snacks. Just think of all the cash and calories you'll save by packing your own lunch instead of ordering in or going out. Tips & Tricks courtesy of Hungry Girl

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