Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hungry Girl Recipe: Sweet 'n Salty Caramel Cocoa

Ingredients: 2 packets Swiss Miss Sensible Sweets Diet Hot Cocoa Mix 3 tsp. fat-free caramel dip (like the kind by T. Marzetti), divided 1/4 cup Fat Free Reddi-wip 2 dashes ground sea salt 1 dash Splenda No Calorie Sweetener (granulated) or granulated sugar Directions: Empty both cocoa packets into a mug. Add 1 cup very hot water, and mix until powder has dissolved. Add 2 tsp. caramel dip, and stir until it melts into the hot cocoa. Place the remaining tsp. caramel dip in a small microwave-safe dish, and heat for 10 seconds. Stir until smooth and pourable. Then top cocoa with Reddi-wip and drizzle the caramel on top. Sprinkle the who le thing evenly with the salt and Splenda. Enjoy! MAKES 1 SERVING POINTS® value 2*
Courtesy of Hungry Girl

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