Thursday, April 22, 2010

This and That

So I joined a gym last week and have found myself heading there to escape the daily chaos of my life every day since. Well except for today. And I have a headache as I write this: go figure. I have hopes of maybe working with a physical trainer at some point, whether I take advantage of the one hour 'free' session and then trudge forward on my own with what I learn during my session, or actually hire one to work with me consistently. I'm thinking in the long run it might be beneficial to hire one since I have a lot of work to do, but the cost. It most likely will not fit into my budget. I just want to get healthy. And be fit. And not be ashamed of what I look like. Nothing in the world sucks more than pulling on a pair of jeans that used to fit loosely just about a month or so ago and now are super snug and almost 'too tight' to wear out in public. I really don't know what happened or how it happened, okay well maybe I do - but at any rate it's discouraging. And I really don't want to start off my day regularly on the verge of tears because nothing in my closet fits correctly. And yeah, maybe I am too hard on myself, but it's about happiness right? And I can't say that I'm there yet. YET. The workplace is hosting a 'Winning with Wellness' challenge starting in May and I've signed up. They even sent me a cool pedometer to use, and a log book to track some daily activities and goals and such. I put it on yesterday just out of curiosity to see how many steps I'd take through the day and my end result? 7571. I think that's satisfactory, but not good enough. I'll step it up with the official challenge starts in early May. So tell me, how are you guys doing with your goals?

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