Monday, April 12, 2010

Life: It's one big curveball

So it's been two weeks or so since I last updated. Since I last updated ironically with 'I'm at it again! This time for real: PROMISE!' type non-sense. Cause really? It was all just a big fat lie, a big ho-rah type motivational post that really got me nowhere.
Words. That's all they were.
I'm struggling, obviously.
It's a new week. Another Monday. Another day in which I've been silently cheering myself on inside my head: you can do this! it's now or never! And I can, I just have to want to. And I think I do.
(no really, I think I do).
A lot of things have been going on in my life that in my mind have been a huge roadblock in getting back on track. And I'm hoping, that today, once and for all, I'm gonna do this.
My pledge again is to be serious, and do this. Ya'll hear me? I NEED TO DO THIS. And I want to. SO.
Step #1 - Eat better! Step #2 - Join a gym. To you know, exercise regularly and stuff.
See ya'll soon.
(no really, I mean it)

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