Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weight Watchers: Instant Problem Solver

'I have trouble managing my weekends'
Our Take: Weekends are synonymous with fun, friends and eating out, so it’s easy to think you can’t stay on track. What you probably don’t realize is that weekends are a time to fit in additional activity and a chance to cook your meals whether it’s for the day or for the week ahead. Successful members eventually change their attitudes to see the opportunities a weekend presents rather than the challenges it contains. The primary issue with weekends is the change of schedule. You’ve probably become accustomed to a regular weekday routine, and it’s easy to feel out of control when facing a more unstructured weekend. No need to fret. View your weekend as a training ground for how to adjust to change and handle out-of-the-ordinary eating events. Remember that this is a lifestyle you are creating, not a diet you are following. What you can do about it today
Change your weigh-in day If you consistently find yourself tapped out of POINTS values by the weekend, change your weigh-in day to Friday so you have a fresh set of POINTS to work with. Having trouble staying the course on the weekends? Change your weigh-in day to Monday. It just might encourage you to eat less and exercise more in anticipation of the weigh-in. Schedule activity with friends on the weekends. Instead of meeting with friends for lunch or dinner, plan an activity instead. This is a great way to earn a few Activity POINTS values to use later that day. Reframe it. The weekend is a time to kick back and unwind, but food is not the only thing that provides comfort and escape. Take some time to write down a few ways that you feel relaxed without eating.

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