Monday, January 04, 2010

A Review: Metamucil

I've been at this diet thing for a while now and one of things I've learned besides portion control, willpower and dedication is the importance of fiber in your diet. One of the reasons why fiber is so important is because it makes you feel full for longer stretches of time. It also helps food move through your digestive system more quickly. There are two types of fiber; soluble fiber (beans, oats, and lentils are good examples) which can be digested by your body and insoluble fiber (wholemeal bread, wholegrain rice, wholegrain breakfast cereals, and fruit and vegetables are good examples) which cannot be digested. It's good to fill your daily fiber dietary need, but you need to make sure you have a sufficient supplement to do the trick. Enter Metamucil. Metamucil has psyllium fiber, one of the only types of fiber that cleans the inside of your body like a sponge, providing more health benefits than other fiber products. Clinical studies have shown that psyllium fiber can even help reduce heart disease by lowering cholesterol. You can learn more about the benefits of fiber here. Metamucil is easy to incorporate into your diet and it's tasty. I've tried it! I simply added this mixture into 8 ounces of water and that was it. And it didn't taste too bad! Here is a list of some suggested ways to use Metamucil just in case you like variety. Check out these options and find which is best for you and start adding fiber to your diet today.
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Disclaimer: I received the Metamucil product and information discussed in this post from MS&L in exchange for a review. This review is based on my own personal and unbiased opinions.

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