Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Get tracking at — a nutrition and exercise resource at your fingertips

You exercise when you can. You try to eat healthfully. But, do you ever wonder how it all stacks up? For instance, are you burning enough calories to lose weight? Of course, your doctor can help put all the pieces together. But, for an ongoing, daily evaluation, you can turn to MyPyramid Tracker. This no-cost, online tool gives you personalized, confidential feedback about two important health categories: Food intake. Begin by entering what you’ve had to eat on a given day. Then, you’ll receive a detailed analysis of how your diet compares to current nutritional guidelines. You’ll learn: If you’re eating enough from five food groups — grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat and beans What kind of nutrients you’re getting, including vitamins and minerals How much fat and cholesterol you may be eating What areas may need improvement, such as foods that might be lacking in your diet Physical activity. After entering the type, description and duration of exercise you’ve done in a given day, you’ll: See a chart detailing your daily activity Find out how many calories you’ve burned Receive a score that compares your physical activity with current guidelines Get an assessment of your exercise routine that includes what you’re doing well and what improvements you can make For safety’s sake, talk with your doctor before increasing your level of physical activity. But, wait — there’s more In addition to these benefits, MyPyramid Tracker: Compares the calories you’ve eaten with the calories you’ve burned. Tracks what you eat and how you exercise for up to a year. This can give you a better understanding of your diet and physical activity over time. Offers links to additional online nutrition and exercise resources. Can help you achieve personal weight loss and fitness goals. Before you sign up, you can take a short tutorial. If you decide to use the tracker, you’ll just need to provide some basic information, such as your age, sex, height and weight. This will help tailor the program especially for you. So, start tracking today. Article Source

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