Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Break for Breakfast

I'm sure you’re already aware of all the perks a healthy breakfast can offer. So there's probably no need to for me to go on and on about how a morning meal can get your metabolism going, how it gives you an energy-boost or how breakfast eaters are often slimmer than breakfast skippers. Instead, I'd like to share a few of my favorite breakfast options with you. Pour a bowl. If you’re still eating the low fiber cereals you ate as a kid, it’s time to graduate to whole grain, high fiber types. Many are great-tasting, or, you can use my trick of mixing cereals to give my bowl a variety of tastes and textures. Want to add even more flavor? Try topping your bowl with fruit and/or a tablespoon or two of nuts. Get cooking. Whip up some oatmeal made with skim or one percent milk or calcium-rich soy milk. I love McCann's Irish oatmeal; it has a rougher texture and takes longer to cook than standard oatmeal, but it's worth it. Satisfy your fruit fix. Start your day with half of a grapefruit to knock off one of your daily fruit servings. Add a slice or two of whole grain toast or an English muffin topped with some peanut butter or another nut butter, or even soy butter. Round out your meal with a glass of nonfat or one percent milk. Sip your meal. Smoothies are a great option because there are so many different ingredients you can use. And don't be afraid to experiment. Combine your favorite fruit with ½ cup skim milk or calcium-enriched soymilk, ½ cup low-fat yogurt and some wheat germ or ground flaxseed. {Article Source}

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