Sunday, October 11, 2009

One step forward, three steps back

This weekend was particularly hard for me, it was cold and snowy outside and the conditions were not very favorable for going anywhere. You know, get out of the house, stay busy, or just to do something. So instead I spent a lot of time inside, on the computer. Watching TV. Playing withe my kids. Reading. And unfortunately snacking. Yes, after I spent several solid days in a row counting points, watching what I was eating and so forth, I ruined it in two days because I was bored. I feel horrible about it. I'm totally beating myself up about it. Kicking myself a little bit too. I didn't track points, I didn't food journal, I didn't do anything. That type of behavior is reckless to me. I have to stay on track no matter what life throws me and just keep my mind on the goal. I want to reach my goal! I packed a bag to bring to work with me tomorrow so after work I can hit the gym and workout. I figure it's a sure fire way to get my exercise in - once I get home it's almost impossible to do, and I've found that the early morning wake up calls just aren't working. I need some consistency with my workouts, so I'm giving this a try. Let's hope it works. Back on track tomorrow. For sure.

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