Sunday, September 27, 2009

Overtime and Re-committing

Gosh, I can't even recall the last time I updated here. Chances are good it's because I haven't been doing very well and why would I want to see that day in and day out by updating this here blog? This blog is supposed to keep my accountable. It's supposed to keep me focused. And yes, while it does, when I fall off the wagon and don't update? It's easier to just go with it then try to get back on track. Until the guilt starts to sink in. And the number on the scale starts to increase instead of decrease. Or even better, when I start to feel really crappy about myself because none of my clothes fit right. Let's not forget too that I usually feel sluggish, and tired as well. It's just not good for my self esteem to not food journal, to not watch what I eat and most importantly - exercise. So I'm recommitting myself - today. Once and for all. I understand that there will be good days and bad days, but overall what self sabotage I've been doing to myself? Just isn't healthy. So this is the deal, my birthday is in 28 days. By my birthday I'm hoping to have lost 15 pounds. And yes, while I've set the bar high for myself, it's a goal. And I'm going to meet it. Wish me luck and see you tomorrow!

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