Monday, August 10, 2009

Boredom does not play nicely with my diet!

My first week back on Weight Watchers did not go so well. I found it hard to stick to my daily point allotment, and though I did okay while at work? All bets were off once I got home. Anything and everything I wanted I ate. And really, where is that going to get me? Not anywhere close to my goal for sure, and I know this. SO WHY is this so damn hard? The other thing that I am failing miserably at? Exercise. I got up bright and early on Saturday morning and climbed the incline with a friend of mine. Last night I set my alarm early enough to get up to work out before starting my day and I snoozed the alarm multiple times and slept longer instead. Working out in the evenings once the kids go to bed usually works for me, but I'd rather get my daily exercise out of the way first thing in the morning. But I can't ever get up to do it. I'm stuck in a rut big time. I had a pep talk with myself this morning while I was putting my lunch together. I must stick to my points! I must stop being so lazy and make time to work out - FOR ME. And really, there is no other option at this point. I know what I need to do and now it's time to just do it already. Yeah. JUST DO IT - self.

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