Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Weight Watchers Recipe: Grilled Mexican Vegetables

2 Tbsp fresh lime juice 1/2 tsp ground cumin 1 tsp chipotle chili powder 2 Tbsp cilantro, fresh, finely minced 3 sprays cooking spray 4 small tomatoes, cut in half (Campari recommended) 1 medium zucchini, cut lengthwise into 4 pieces, each piece cut in half 1 large poblano pepper, seeded, cut into 8 chunks 1/2 tsp table salt Instructions Preheat grill to high. In a small bowl, combine lime juice, cumin, chili powder and cilantro; set aside. Place vegetables in a grill basket or grill pan, skin side down; off heat, generously coat with cooking spray and sprinkle with salt. Grill vegetables until tender and charred, about 8 to 11 minutes, depending on desired degree of doneness. Place vegetables in a serving bowl and toss with lime mixture; season to taste with salt.Yields about 3/4 cup per serving This is great over brown rice with grilled shrimp, fish, chicken or pork. Variations (could affect POINTS values) Use what you have: Use any summer squash, any color pepper, hot or sweet, add baby onions, eggplant slices, tomatillos or green tomatoes. Swap parsley for cilantro, if you like. Or make the sauce Italian style: use lemon, Italian seasoning, red pepper flakes and parsley instead of the lime and chili. Leftovers: Use the vegetables as a topping for a sandwich or as a base to a chili. Makes 4 servings, 0 points per serving Recipe courtesy of Weight Watchers

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