Monday, June 08, 2009

What Chain-Food Favorites Cost in Exercise

My "two scoops won't hurt and neither will these french fries" approach to eating doesn't lend itself well to swimsuit season. Although the beach treks may have begun, there is time to make change. So, let me have it. What's that ice cream going to cost me in workout minutes? To tell us is Charles Stuart Platkin, also known as the Diet Detective. He is the author of five books and and host of WE TV's I Want To Save Your Life. Here is his report on what some of our chain-food favorites should cost us in time spent doing common exercises... Note: Calorie content of foods are based on official website information at the time of publication. Minutes of exercise are averages based on a 155-pound person. The greater the weight of the person the more calories burned per minute. DONUT Dunkin Donuts Chocolate Frosted Donut (230 calories) 59 minutes of walking (3 mph). BREAKFAST SANDWICH McDonald's Egg McMuffin (300 calories) 32 minutes of running (5 mph). CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE Panera Chocolate Chipper (440 calories) 62 minutes of biking (10-11.9 mph). PIZZA Pizza Hut Large Hand-Tossed Style Cheese Pizza (1 slice; 320 calories) 39 minutes of swimming (slow to moderate laps). CINNAMON ROLL Starbucks Cinnamon Roll (500 calories, varies by location) 85 minutes of dancing. HAMBURGER Burger King Original Whopper With Cheese (770 calories) 94 minutes of swimming (slow to moderate laps). BROWNIE Au Bon Pain Chocolate Chip Brownie (380 calories). 129 minutes of yoga (Hatha style). FRIES Wendy's Large French Fries (540 calories) 77 minutes of biking (10-11.9 mph). ICE CREAM Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream (0.5 cup; 270 calories) 29 minutes of running (5 mph). BURRITO Taco Bell Burrito Supreme, Beef (410 calories) 70 minutes of dancing. [source]

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