Monday, April 13, 2009

Making up for Missed Time

For anyone that actually reads here, you've probably taken notice that I've been really inconsistent with my posting in recent weeks. I'd post a daily menu when I felt like it, and I haven't felt like weighing in for weeks now. I've been trying, I really have been. I've been struggling with Weight Watchers for a little while now. Struggling in the sense that I'm burnt out from counting points and watching what I eat. It's tiresome. It's consuming. It's HARD WORK. And while I have had great success so far, I just needed a break. And so that's what I did. I took a break. And let me tell you am I sort of sorry now that I took that much needed break. I didn't have the courage to step on the scale this morning because I just knew that it wouldn't be good. I can tell by how I feel that I've taken about five steps backwards from where I was a few weeks ago. I'm tired all the time. I feel bloated. My skin isn't so flawless anymore. It really doesn't do me any good to take a break. And I think I've realized that yet again. I'm the definition of yo-yo at best. Today I decided that the break was over and that things would be back to normal. Keeping my food journal up to date and accurate, posting daily menu's, recipes and other helpful articles is something I need in my life. It's a staple. I also need a regular routine of exercise. I want nothing more than to reach my goal. And that's what I'm going to do. I decided that come July when I make the trip to Chicago for my first BlogHer experience, that I'm going to do it feeling the best that I've ever felt. Wish me luck.

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I noticed.
Good luck!

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