Friday, March 13, 2009

Discreet Diet Tips

By Liz Plosser There's nothing quite like the phrase, "No thanks, I'm on a diet!" to bring a dinner party or happy hour to a screeching halt. But there's no reason your healthy-eating plan has to be a downer for you and your fellow celebrants. Use these sly strategies from Keri Gans, R.D., a nutritionist in New York City, the next time you're among not-so-health-conscious pals. Situation: Dinner out with friends Sly strategy: While the group is mulling over the menu, drop a subtle hint about your light order so no one can accuse you of being a killjoy. "Say, 'I have been eating so much meat lately, I really feel like a piece of fish.' Or 'I had a huge, late lunch, so I'm just going to get a salad,'" Gans recommends. Situation: Holidays at a relative's house Sly strategy: The simple words "No thank you. I'm full" should work like magic when your aunt tries to serve you seconds. And if she plops more food on your plate anyway? Place your utensils facedown on the dish, pop in a breath mint and move the plate away. Each of these actions signals that you're finished. Situation: Office birthday party Sly strategy: If you're following the Best Life plan, you'll be given a certain number of treat calories, called Anything Goes calories, that you can put towards indulgent foods like cake everyday. Or, you could skip the cake and make yourself a mug of warm tea instead. Sipping tea will keep your mouth every bit as occupied as that forgettable piece of cake. Then focus on networking around the room: Make a game of how many people you can chat with. Situation: Happy hour with coworkers Sly strategy: "Order diet soda or sparkling water with a lemon or lime slice," says Gans. Even though you're going sans spirits, the festive garnish will make it feel like you're still 100-percent part of the party.

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