Saturday, February 07, 2009

Weigh in for the Week

Yesterday was weigh in day and I was so busy, I forgot to weigh in here on my site! And now that I think about it, I think I forgot to weigh in last week, so this is actually my weigh in for the last two weeks. I stepped on the scale and it read: 165.4 pounds.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to finally be at 165. It seems like it took me forever to finally reach that number, a number I've had in my sights for quite a while now. But with all my hard work, and working out - I finally did it! And it makes me that much closer to my goal of 140 pounds. For once in my life I'm excited about my healthy lifestyle that I've chosen for myself. And believe it or not, I'm actually ENJOYING exercise and working out (can we say day number 8 of the 30 Day Shred?!). I have more thoughts about that workout that I'll be posting here soon - I know a few of my readers had some questions. Have a great weekend everyone!

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